Hey there. We're looking for you to become a member of our team.

We are looking for a senior experienced software generalist who is not afraid to tackle a wide range of development projects, from working on deep learning to scaling server architectures and mobile app development. If you love the mental challenge of figuring out and building innovative solutions to complex problems, both real world and digital, then you will fit right in. We believe a team that is having fun solving intellectual challenges, helping each other grow and all participating in the reward is capable of great things.

Zymewire is the leader in a new field of B2B software that helps companies in complex industries understand and keep up with what is happening in their vertical. We use machine learning to interpret the digital river of information that pours out from all businesses and package it in a way that can be searched and analysed. Our current SaaS solution, built on that river, strives to be the ultimate smart digital assistant for busy business development professionals in life sciences; whether it's helping find new sources of business, keeping up with critical announcements and activities at existing clients or just understanding what changes are happening in their industry.

To quote a user from a recent customer survey asked to tell us the worst thing about Zymewire: "THAT MY COMPETITORS HAVE ACCESS TO IT"

We are a small bootstrapped Toronto-based startup with big ambitions that has surpassed the break even profitability point and are now looking forward to building out our grandiose vision for world domination. We are an alumni of the University of Toronto’s Creative Destruction Labs for Artificial Intelligence. So far, we have over a thousand users at more than a hundred companies in thirty countries. We’re currently focused on the life sciences space, but we’ve got big plans that we want you to be a part of as lucky team member 13. Our team is driven by moving our ideas forward however we can, but we value our work/life balance and the opportunity to learn new things too.

Why you want to work with us.

You want to work on a diverse range of problems and technologies, not the same old CRUD app. You enjoy working as a team to solve complex problems together. You see yourself as an engineer who wants to build powerful software that gets things done and that people use. You believe work should be fun and if occasionally it gets done all together on a beach in Bermuda all the better. You like helping junior members of the team develop their skills and understanding You believe that if paying users love using your software then good things will happen. You want to be up close and personal inside a startup that has traction and ambition. You just love to build stuff, in code, in wood, in metal, in whatever comes to hand You care enough and pay enough attention to make sure you include a cover letter mentioning ‘R2D2’ in your application.

Why you might not be a good fit for the team

You believe that all software needs to be re-written in whatever ‘flavour of the month’ made it to the top of Hacker News today. You believe that if a user makes a mistake using your software it is because they are stupid. You believe that you are the only one who knows how to solve a problem and all alternatives must be wrong.


  • Degree in computer science or similar
  • Minimum of 4 years of full time professional software development in a professional software development team (not internships or volunteer).
  • Solid competency with Ruby on Rails or Java (or Scala) and Javascript
  • Good understanding of Object Orientation and common application designs such as MVC web frameworks
  • Good grasp of software development lifecycle and associated challenges
  • Comfortable with developing and deploying on Linux

Nice to have:

  • Experience working in an Agile development environment
  • Start-up experience
  • ReactJS Mobile App development
  • ElasticSearch
  • Experience in machine learning/deep learning, scaling software systems, data mining, web crawling
  • Experience with NoSQL (MongoDB preferably)